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Updates & Downloads

iQue 3200 with EFIGS software version Release 3

as of August 9, 2007

Download (2.94 MB)

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Change History

Changes made from version Release 2 to Release 3:

Changes made from version Release 1 to Release 2:

Installation Instructions

  1. Download and save the update file to a location on your computer. This file will need to be located later so please locate this in a readily accessible folder.

  2. Place the iQue in the cradle and perform a HotSync on the unit to backup any of your current data. Please ensure that the iQue is fully charged before proceeding with the software update process.

  3. Perform a Hard Reset of the unit. To perform this procedure you will need the reset tip tool, which may be unscrewed from the head of the Stylus that came with your iQue. The following instructions are also included on page 1.6 of the iQue 3200 Integrated Handheld Operating Instructions manual.
    A. With the unit turned off, press and hold in the reset button on the back of the unit using the reset tip tool.
    B. Continue to hold in the reset button while you press and hold the power button.
    C. While holding in the power button, remove the reset tool from the reset hole.
    D. Continue holding the power button until the Palm logo appears on the screen.
    E. Once the Palm logo appears, release the power button.
    F. Press the up button when prompted to confirm the erase of user data.

  4. A new user will need to be created for use during the software update process.
    A. Start by launching the Palm Desktop application.
    B. Go to the Tools menu, then select Users... to display a list of the current users.
    C. Click on the New... button to display the New User window.
    D. Enter a unique name for the user, such as Release3EFIGS, then click OK.
    E. Close out of the Users window by clicking OK.

  5. If you are using Intellisync Lite or another synchronization program, from within that program configure your new user to synchronize with the Palm Desktop or any available alternative that does not contain your primary data.

  6. Install the software update to the new user (Release3EFIGS).
    A. Double click the, then unzip to a location that can be easily found, such as the Desktop. There will be three files: Updater.prc, UpdaterData.pdb, and a copy of these instructions (iQue 3200 EFIGS Release 3.txt).
    B. Double click the Updater.prc file. This will open the Palm Desktop Install Tool.
    C. Select the new user that you have created (Release3EFIGS), and click OK.
    D. Double click the UpdaterData.pdb file to place it in the Palm Desktop Install Tool.
    E. Close the Palm Desktop Install Tool by clicking Done, then click OK.

  7. Place the iQue in the cradle and initiate a HotSync. A Select User window will appear. Select the new user (Release3EFIGS) that you have created for the update. The Updater.prc and UpdaterData.pdb files will then be installed on the iQue.

  8. You may update the iQue while it is in or out of the cradle. However, once the update has begun, do not place the iQue into or remove the iQue from the cradle. This could interrupt the update. Also, it is very important that the iQue does not lose power during the update process, so please verify that the battery is fully charged if you won't be powering it externally. Failure to charge the iQue fully prior to updating the software may result in a permanent loss of the OS.

  9. Locate the application called Updater. It can be found under the category of All. Once you have located the Updater application, tap on it once. Then follow the on-screen instructions.

  10. After about 4 minutes, the unit will reset itself. Follow the on-screen setup instructions.

  11. Verify that the software update was successful.
    A. Go to the Launcher (tap on the house icon in the lower left corner).
    B. Tap the menu icon (it is the 'down-arrow' icon just to the right of the house icon in the lower left corner).
    C. A drop down menu will appear.
    D. Tap the Info... menu item.
    E. Tap the Version button at the bottom of the screen. The update was successful if the second line of the screen displays Palm OS software v.5.2.1r3.

  12. If you are using Intellisync Lite or another synchronization program, from within that program make sure the current user is set to the User name that you have been previously using to identify your iQue.

  13. To restore your previous information to the iQue, place the iQue in the cradle, then perform a HotSync. A window will appear asking to select a User. Select the User name that you have been previously using to identify your iQue on your PC, and your information will be restored to the iQue.

  14. Delete the temporary user (Release3EFIGS) by going back to the Users window in the Palm Desktop. Select the user, click Delete... then click YES to delete it.

System requirements

  1. IBM-compatible PC running Windows 2000 or later operating system and an available USB or Com 1, 2, 3, or 4 port.
  2. PC Interface Cable for your GPS unit. The PC Interface Cable may be purchased through your local Garmin distributor or ordered direct from our Online Store.