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Updates & Downloads

Fusion Apollo ERX400 Wired Remote Control software version 5.90.77

as of March 28, 2023

Download (89.66 MB)

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Change History

Changes made from version 5.80 to 5.90:

Changes made from version 5.70 to 5.80:

Changes made from version 5.50 to 5.70:

Changes made from version 5.40 to 5.50:

Changes made from version 5.10 to 5.40:

Changes made from version 5.00 to 5.10:

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the update file to your PC/Laptop.
  2. Extract the zip file a USB flash drive (format FAT32). A folder named Garmin will be created on the flash drive.
  3. Connect the USB Flash Drive to a USB Port of a Apollo stereo (MS-RA770, MS-RA670 or MS-WB670) on the same network as the ERX400 remote.
  4. Go to the settings menu in the Apollo stereo and select Update>ERX Remote and confirm Yes the update will be transferred to all ERX400 remotes on the network. The ERX400 remotes will reboot when complete.

System requirements

  1. IBM-compatible PC running Windows 2000 or later operating system and an available USB port.