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December 22, 1999

Garmin® Avionics Goes to the Head of the Class

Prestigious aviation college selects the GNS 430 as a tool for training new pilots

OLATHE, Kan. -- Garmin International, the leading manufacturer of GPS (Global Positioning System) for the general aviation industry, is pleased to announce that one of its leading navigation products is being used to teach new pilots how to fly. Daniel Webster College in Nashua, New Hampshire is in the process of installing Garmin GNS 430s into their fleet of 19 new Cessna 172 airplanes. The Garmin-equipped airplanes will be used by student pilots as part of their education. Aviation Electronics in Bedford, Massachusetts is installing the Garmin equipment.

"This is the largest GNS 430 conversion by a flight training school and an event that speaks volumes about the impact this product is making on the general aviation industry," said Gary Kelley, director of marketing, Garmin International. "For years, flight schools have believed that using GPS for navigation was something you did after you learned to fly. Now, with the availability of advanced avionics systems like the GNS 430 and the FAA's commitment to GPS long term, instructors have started realizing that GPS is something that every pilot should know how to use."

The GNS 430 is an IFR GPS/comm with VOR, LOC, glideslope and a full-color moving map. In addition to its brilliant four-inch diagonal color display, which allows for the best in situational awareness, the GNS 430 offers extensive interface capabilities which allow the unit to offer true MFD information including weather and traffic data. The GNS 430 serves as the display interface for the BFGoodrich STORMSCOPEÆ WX 500 Weather Mapping Sensor, the SKYWATCH Traffic Advisory System and the Ryan TCAD 9900B and 9900BX traffic avoidance system. By early next year, the GNS 430 will also interface with Echo Flight to bring NEXRAD weather information to the cockpit.

Officials at Daniel Webster College say that by installing the GNS 430s into their training airplanes, they are fulfilling a goal to teach students the modern approach to air navigation.

"Equipping our entire backbone fleet of Cessna 172's with the Garmin GNS 430, coupled with an HSI is evidence of the commitment of Daniel Webster College to teach our new aviators with the avionics architecture of the future," said Doug Joyce, director of flight operations, Daniel Webster College.

Two of the college's airplanes already have the Garmin GNS 430s installed and are currently being flown by student pilots. The remaining 17 airplanes in the fleet will be outfitted with Garmin avionics by this summer.

Daniel Webster College is located in Nashua, New Hampshire. Dedicated to the development of professionals in aviation, computer science, management and engineering, Daniel Webster College's focus is on educating the next generation of leaders for a select number of dynamic professions. Known as the foremost aviation college in the Northeast, Daniel Webster has graduated thousands of commercial airline pilots, air traffic controllers and other aviation professionals since its founding in 1965. For more information about the college, please contact Dan Seufert, Director of Public Relations, Daniel Webster College, 20 University Drive, Nashua, N.H., 03063-1300; Phone: 603-577-6625 or FAX 603/577-6001, Web site: www.dwc.edu.