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July 28, 1999

Garmin® Teams Up with BFGoodrich Avionics Systems, Inc., to Bring Weather and Traffic Information to the Cockpit

OLATHE, Kan. – Garmin International, the aviation industry's leading manufacturer of electronic navigation and communication equipment, has announced an exciting new interface with BFGoodrich Avionics Systems, Inc. Garmin's legendary GNS 430 multi-function avionics system will provide the display interface for both the BFGoodrich STORMSCOPEÆ WX 500 Weather Mapping Sensor and the SKYWATCH Traffic Advisory System. The interface will allow STORMSCOPE and SKYWATCH data to be shown on the GNS 430s color display.

"This idea of bringing valuable weather and traffic information to the GNS 430 really makes a lot of sense," said Gary Kelley, director of marketing, Garmin International. "The ability to look at one piece of navigation equipment and instantly identify weather and traffic hazards relative to your current position and heading will be a huge benefit to pilots."

STORMSCOPE enables pilots to avoid threatening weather by detecting electrical discharges associated with thunderstorms. The weather-mapping sensor can determine storm activity within a 200 nm radius of the airplane.

SKYWATCH is an airborne traffic advisory system that helps pilots avoid potential collisions with other aircraft. The system monitors the airspace around the airplane and advises the pilot the airplane and advises the aircraft. The system monitors the airspace around the airplane and advises the pilot to look for transponder-equipped airplanes in the area.

Garmin will offer a software upgrade option on the GNS 430 for users of the STORMSCOPE and SKYWATCH systems. This all-in-one avionics box combines an IFR certified GPS, a comm with VOR, LOC and glideslope and a color moving map. Additionally, the GNS 430 contains a detailed database that shows cities, highways, railroads, rivers, lakes and coastlines.

The software interface will also be available in the future on Garmin's soon-to-be-released GNS 530. The GNS 530 is a larger version of the GNS 430 and boasts a five-inch diagonal color display. It will be available during the year.

The Garmin GNS 430 software upgrade will be available to customers beginning September 1999.

BFGoodrich Avionics Systems is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is a division of BFGoodrich Aerospace of Akron, Ohio. The company provides aircraft systems and services and manufactures performance materials that are used in thousands of consumer and industrial products worldwide. For more information on BFGoodrich Avionics Systems, please call (616) 949-6600.