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October 12, 1999

Garmin® Navigates its Way into the New Millennium with the GNS 530

Big color display a welcome addition to the cockpit

OLATHE, Kan. – Garmin International, the GPS manufacturer that revolutionized the general aviation industry with the introduction of the GNS 430 integrated avionics system, has done it again. This time, Garmin has taken the best of the GNS 430 and made it even bigger with the introduction of the GNS 530.

The main difference between these two multi-function boxes is the size of the color display. While the GNS 430 has a four-inch diagonal display, the GNS 530 boasts a five-inch diagonal display for even better viewing.

"Garmin really thrilled the aviation industry when we introduced the amazing color map and integrated features of the GNS 430," said Gary Kelley, director of marketing, Garmin International. "With the development of the GNS 530, we are pleased to now offer pilots all of those same great features along with a larger display that will improve situational awareness and help interpret crucial flight data."

This comprehensive avionics system combines an IFR GPS, comm, VOR, LOC, glideslope and color moving map in one box. Remarkably, all of these components fit into a 4.3" x 6.25" package that will complement most panels. Thanks to the five-inch diagonal color LCD display, pilots can view extensive ground data alongside traditional nav information. Pilots will even be able to access important weather and traffic data.

The GNS 530 will display information from both the BFGoodrich STORMSCOPEÆ WX 500 Weather Mapping Sensor and the SKYWATCH Traffic Advisory System. A

built-in Jeppesen® database contains important information including airports, VORs and intersections. In addition, the Jeppesen database can be updated through an easily accessible front-loading data card.

The GNS 530 contains a 2280 channel comm with 8.33 kHz spacing capability and a 200 channel ILS/VOR. Also included within the GNS 530 is a 12 parallel channel GPS receiver that can track up to 12 satellites at a time. The GNS 530 will be upgradeable to WAAS TSO C146 for stand-alone approach procedures.

The GNS 530 will be available at a suggested retail price of $14,995. Deliveries are expected to begin in July 2000.