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July 26, 2000

Garmin® Achieves Avionics Feat for 14-Volt Aircraft

Garmin's popular avionics now available for 14- or 28-volt electrical systems

OLATHE, Kan. -- Garmin International, the world's leading avionics manufacturer, announces an engineering breakthrough on its popular integrated avionics systems that is sure to please private pilots everywhere - a 14/28-volt version of Garmin's GNS 430, GNS 530, and GNC® 420.

In typical Garmin fashion, this engineering feat reduces extra costs for aircraft owners, eliminates complex installations for avionics shops, and gives users the same COM quality and transmit power, whether the aircraft has a 14- or 28-volt electrical system.

"Garmin is now pleased to offer the versatility and reliability of our panel-mounted avionics to a vast majority of the general aviation fleet," said Gary Kelley, director of marketing. "Regardless of your aircraft's electrical system, all can now benefit from the most advanced avionics system in 25 years."

These innovations will not alter the price of Garmin's revolutionary avionics systems; they simply eliminate the cost of installing a voltage converter for 14-volt aircraft. The GNS 430 - an integrated IFR GPS/Comm with VOR, LOC and glideslope on a color moving map display - will continue to sell for $9,250. The GNS 530, which boasts all of the 430's features and a larger display, will still sell for $14,995. And the GNC 420, a TSO'd GPS/COM with color moving map, keeps its $7,995 pricetag.

The 14/28-volt version of these avionics systems will begin shipping in August 2000.