The map tab is for viewing your messages on a map of the world. You can see all of the places you have visited. If you have multiple devices on your account, you can see them all on the same map.

The map includes these features.

  • Data about users on your account (Users List)

  • A list of waypoints (Waypoints)

  • A list of routes (Routes)

  • Topographic, aerial, and road maps with controls to change between them (Map Types)

  • Zoom controls with a mouse or trackpad (Zooming the Map)

  • Controls to add new waypoints and routes (Waypoints and Routes)

  • Controls to select additional maps for your device (Map Availability)

  • Options to print the map or export it as a .kml or .gpx file

  • Tools to import files containing waypoints and track logs

  • A measuring tool

  • Your most recent location, marked by an arrow with your name next to it

  • Your other locations, including messages and tracking points

  • Lines connecting your points to show when you were tracking

  • A scale bar