Map Filters

Map filters are used to alter your view of data, such as tracks or messages, on the map.

From the map, open the map filters.


Allows you to save a particular map view of data at a specific time. For example, if you recently returned from a weekend adventure, you can create a bookmark that is centered on your track and set the date to that weekend. You can return to that view at any time.

Message Types

Allows you to hide or show different message types on the map.

NOTE: SOS messages always show on the map.
Date & Time Range:

Allows you to set the time frame for the map data you need to view. There are a few preset options in the menu, or you can specify a custom range.

Clear Filters

Removes all bookmark, message type, and date and time filters on the map data.

TIP: You can clear the filters to export all map data.

Exports the current map view of data so you can save it on your computer and use it in other applications.

NOTE: The export feature exports all data that is not currently filtered. This includes data that is not in the current map view, such as data that is far away, but does not include data that is filtered out by bookmarks, message types, or a date and time range.