Connecting the Cables to the ECHOMAP™ Plus 60 Cradle

The connectors on the cables are keyed to fit only in the correct ports on the ECHOMAP Plus 60 cradle. The connected cables are held in place by a locking bracket.

  1. Slide the cable locking bracket up from the bottom, and remove the bracket from the cradle.
  2. Compare the divots Callout number one on each cable connector to the keying on each port to determine which cable corresponds to each port.

  3. Fully and firmly insert each cable through a hole in the cradle, and securely connect each cable to a port.
    NOTE: If the cables are not inserted far enough into the cradle, the connectors may not connect securely to the ports, and the device may appear to lose power or sonar or may stop working.
  4. Place the locking bracket Callout number two over the cables, and slide the bracket down to lock the cables in place.

    There is an audible click when the locking bracket is installed correctly.