Bail Mounting a Device with a Swivel Base

NOTICE! Only pan-head machine bolts or self-tapping screws should be used to secure the swivel base. If you use screws with countersunk heads, you may damage the mounting bracket.

Some models have the option of adding a swivel base to the bail mount, so you can turn the device for a wider range of viewing angles.

NOTE: The ECHOMAP™ Plus 90 models do not have a swivel option.
  1. Using the swivel base Callout number one as a template, mark three pilot holes Callout number two.

  2. Using a 3 mm (1/8 in.) drill bit, drill the three pilot holes.
  3. Using the included wood screws Callout number three, secure the swivel base to the mounting surface.
  4. Place the bail-mount bracket Callout number four on the swivel base, and secure it using the swivel-mount knob Callout number five.
  5. Install the bail-mount knobs Callout number six on the sides of the cradle.
  6. Place the device in the bail-mount bracket and tighten the bail-mount knobs.
  7. Connect each cable to a port on the cradle, using the locking bracket or locking rings to secure the cables to the cradle (Installing the Cables and Connectors ).