Fixed-Bail Mounting the Device

NOTICE! If you are mounting the bracket on fiberglass with screws, it is recommended to use a countersink bit to drill a clearance counterbore through only the top gel-coat layer. This will help to avoid cracking in the gel-coat layer when the screws are tightened.
NOTICE! Stainless-steel screws may bind when screwed into fiberglass and overtightened. It is recommended to apply an anti-seize lubricant on the screws before installing them.
  1. Select the mounting hardware appropriate for your mounting surface and for the bail-mount bracket.
  2. Using the bail-mount bracket as a template, mark the pilot holes through the screw holes.
  3. Using a drill bit appropriate for the mounting hardware, drill the four pilot holes.
  4. Using the selected mounting hardware, secure the bail-mount bracket to the mounting surface.
  5. Install the bail-mount knobs Callout number one on the sides of the cradle.

  6. Place the cradle into the bail-mount bracket Callout number two, and tighten the bail-mount knobs.
  7. Connect each cable to a port on the cradle, using the locking bracket or locking rings to secure the cables to the cradle (Installing the Cables and Connectors ).