Worldwide Marine Basemap:

This basemap comes factory installed with the GPSMAP 172, 172C, 178 Sounder, 178C Sounder, 182/182C, 188/188C, 192C, 198C Sounder , 232, 238 Sounder, 2006/2006C, 2010/2010C, 2106, 2110, GPSMAP 3005C.

Please note: Garmin mapping units come with built-in, permanent basemaps that cannot be altered. These basemaps come in a variety of global designations (ie., Atlantic basemap). Please see your local dealer when purchasing a Garmin mapping unit to ensure that you purchase one with a basemap that's appropriate for your location and needs. Factory-installed basemaps cannot be altered.

The Worldwide Marine basemap includes worldwide coverage of the continents.

The standard map coverage includes:

  1. Oceans, rivers down to 100 ft and major streams
  2. Lakes greater than 5 sq. miles
  3. Principal cities with population greater than 20K
  4. Major interstates and/or motorways and principal highways
  5. Political boundaries (state and international borders)
  6. Large airports
  7. Urban areas 50K and above
  1. United States, including Alaska and Hawaii - In addition to the standard map coverage, it also includes:
    1. Cities 5K and above
    2. Tide data

  2. Western Europe - In addition to the standard map coverage, it also includes:
    1. Rivers down to 700 ft, major streams and rivers
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