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We’re committed to investing in the next generation of innovators. And that begins in the classroom.

Whether used for sports, physical education, geography or general education, our products offer a fun way to learn and promote a healthy lifestyle. They teach highly desirable skills that are key to future employment in business, industry and government. By integrating our technology into classroom lessons, teachers and coaches can engage students in new and exciting learning activities.

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Our devices allow schools to create new ideas for teaching, training and motivating. Students and athletes can learn, train, play and teach others with our easy-to-use watches and handheld navigators. Motivate your physical education class and track their progress, set training goals for your team or bring your general education classes to life. Whatever the goal, we have the device for you.


  • Monitor activity level and heart rate
  • Track steps and sleep patterns
  • Wirelessly upload data

Phys Ed

  • Measure heart rate at the wrist, no more chest strap
  • Monitor activity level
  • Track steps, distance, calories


  • Set team training goals
  • Monitor heart rate, distance, time, and pace
  • Track and share progress online


  • Geocache
  • Calculate area and angles
  • Use GIS and latitude/longitude in lesson plans

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