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 MapSource® Beta software version 4.10 Beta as of 11/19/02   

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This software is pre-released software for MapSource as of 11/19/02 and includes the changes listed below since version 4.09. Although this software is believed to be reliable, it has not yet been released for production and should be used at your own risk.

This software is not compatible with StreetPilot® III software versions less than 2.11.

Please note: This MapSource Beta download does not include any map data. It is the MapSource program only. You must have already installed a previously released version of the MapSource product (with map data) in order to install and use this MapSource Beta software. Also, no technical support will be provided for this Beta software.

We do encourage you to send comments and error reports to [email protected].

MapSource Version 4.09 to 4.10 Beta Differences

  1. Changed software version number from 4.09 to 4.10.
  2. Internationalized MapSource to support multiple languages. Localized the program into French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Traditional), and Chinese (Simplified).
  3. Changed "Car" to "Car/Motorcycle" in autoroute preferences
  4. Modified cursors for adding, moving, replacing, and inserting points into routes using the selection pointer to display a graphical cue instead of English text labels.
  5. Added new waypoint symbols (contacts) for RINO.
  6. Modified MapSource so that user waypoints created by the route tool follow the user preference for display mode as set in the waypoint preferences tab.
  7. Modified the transfer preferences page so that users who have no serial ports will not get stuck in an infinite loop with an invalid input prompt repeatedly being displayed if they enter this page.
  8. Auto routing progress bar is now only displayed when generating routes with maps that have autorouting information.
  9. Changed the process for including autorouting data in transferring data to and from a device. Serial transfers now send the data automatically dependent on whether the user’s device supports autorouting. For USB transfers, a check box was added directly to this page so that the user can select whether or not to send the data, since a specific device is not known. The check box previously used to make this selection was removed from the transfer preferences page.
  10. Modified the Export dialog so that the option to export to DXF files is not available if only Maps are selected.
  11. Route exporting was updated to export autoroutes correctly.
  12. Fixed bug in Waypoint Properties dialog that caused MapSource to fail when an invalid depth was entered.
  13. Fixed bug in Track Properties dialog that caused Show On Map button not to be active when the track has a single point.
  14. Fixed bugs with the Vertical Track Profile dialog where the graph would be displayed improperly in certain zooming situations.
  15. Fixed bug where waypoints submerged under routes when using the map tool.
  16. Fixed a problem in the Route Properties dialog where an invalid input prompt was displayed twice to the user when the user entered an empty route name and the enter key was pressed.
  17. Modified the Find dialog so that it switches back to the current product upon canceling. If a search has found a feature in another product of the same family, MapSource automatically switches the product to show the feature. The prior behavior did not switch back to the current product if the user cancelled after such a search.
  18. Modified the Error dialog to prevent selection of the text inside it.
  19. Fixed bug in Track Properties dialog that caused MapSource to fail when user paged down in the trackpoints list.
  20. Added the capability to display a slide show of logos after the splash screen is displayed.
  21. Added the capability to display copyrights (text and logos) in the lower-left corner of the map window if the copyright should be displayed there.
  22. Removed the restriction that the names of waypoints, routes, tracks, map sets, etc. can only have characters which are English letters & numbers, blank spaces, +, and -. Users can now enter any character for these labels. However, the ability to enter & display these characters correctly is now dependent on the language settings for the user’s operating system (i.e. to enter & display a waypoint with Chinese characters in the name, the user would have to change the default language to Chinese).
  23. Modified how waypoint names are created from map labels to work with internationalized map products. Now the label from the map is truncated to a user-defined, fixed number of characters (with white spaces removed) and then made unique. Previously, MapSource created abbreviations for names, but this did not work properly in non-English map products.
  24. Fixed a bug where the map drew twice when the viewable screen spanned the Anti-Meridian.
  25. Fixed defects where MapSource would crash when the screen was locked and Mapsource was either displaying a popup window, transferring data to the GPS, or real-time tracking.
  26. Fixed bug on Serial and USB transfer pages where tabbing between fields would not work properly if the OK button had the keyboard input focus and it was disabled.
  27. Fixed bug where the Center on selected item feature in Track Properties dialog was centering incorrectly on every 99n + 1 trackpoint.
  28. Fixed bug where Find would not locate Bismarck if North Dakota or ND was specified in the state field.
  29. Updated NMEA real-time tracking so that MapSource can now do 3D tracking rather than only 2D tracking as was done in the previous version.
  30. Fixed defects in real time tracking in NMEA mode.
  31. Fixed time field on Tide dialog to display times according to Windows regional settings.
  32. Fixed problems with items on the map not being drawn properly while real-time tracking.
  33. Fixed bug where inappropriate entries were being added to right-click menus when there are more than 25 items in the menu.
  34. Modified MapSource so that it would not display a right-click menu to select a “feature” when only a single feature was available.
  35. Modified MapSource to not draw overlapping, adjacent trackpoints at all zoom scales. This will prevent the track from being obscured.
  36. Renamed “Detail” tab in Preferences dialog to “Display”.
  37. Added the capability for the user to change the font used for map labels, popup windows, and waypoint text from Display tab in Preferences dialog.
  38. Increased the default map font size to improve readability.
  39. Modified the Select Waypoints dialog so that when a user types a letter, it selects the next waypoint in the list whose name starts with that letter. In previous versions, it selected the next waypoint in the list whose symbol type started with that letter.
  40. Fixed a bug that caused autorouting to fail when No Map was selected.
  41. Fixed bug that caused MapSource to fail when the user aborted a USB transfer during the Map Initialization phase.
  42. Fixed problem in real time tracking where the check box for keeping the vehicle on the map was not being unchecked when the user caused the vessel to go off the screen from the Go To Position dialog.
  43. Fixed bug where the 'Recalculate', 'Invert', and 'Show On Map' buttons were not being correctly disabled when there were no points in the route.
  44. Fixed bug that caused the edit boxes in Waypoint, Route, Track, and Map Set dialogs to not be highlighted properly when the user tabs to one.
  45. Fixed defect where degree symbol was not displayed correctly on non-Western European language operating systems.
  46. Fixed defect where MapSource would crash if the name of a waypoint was edited using the Waypoint Edit button on the Route Properties dialog.
  47. Added ability to view a product's "Notice" file, such as an End User License Agreement, if the product contains such a file.
  48. Fixed problem with missing "Poor Signal" indication when GPS 35 USB loses coverage.
  49. Edited pop-up text over generic highways (e.g. those in Europe) to not prepend "Hwy", while still prepending "Hwy" to US state highways.
  50. Modified MapSource's behavior so that when it is activated by the mouse, it handles the clicks in a consistent fashion with other Windows programs (i.e. if the mouse-click is on the minimize, maximize, close, or system button, it responds immediately to the click, but if it is on the client area, such as the map or the scrollbars, it only activates MapSource without further processing ).
  51. Made updates to the Autorouting feature to fix a bug where MapSource would fail to observe access restrictions on certain service roads when computing a route.
  52. Added code to handle situations that arise when the user switches to an installed map product whose required code page is not supported by the user’s operating system. If this situation occurs, MapSource will notify the user of the problem, and switch them to “No Map”.
  53. Modified default value for Finder Address matches to 100 instead of 25.