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"Rino® 120s lead the way on memorial motorcycle ride"


I thought I'd share a story about a motorcycle ride here in the California desert in which your new RINO GPS units had part to play. A close friend of mine's father recently passed away. In addition to being a 30-year veteran of the United States Navy SEAL, he was also an avid desert motorcycle racer and weekend rider. We decided a weekend memorial ride was what he would have wanted. A spot in the Barstow Desert area, Lucerne Valley, was chosen to host the ride.

The challenge was to lay out and navigate a course in the middle of the desert, keep ourselves from getting lost while doing so, and have some sort of map that could later be printed and then given to all those who would join the ride the following weekend. After researching several GPS units, we chose the new Garmin® Rino 120 series for our navigation and communication needs. The units would have to be rugged enough for surviving the desert wind and rain (we had both the weekend we laid out the course) and have enough features to allow the downloading of maps and uploading of waypoints, routes, and tracks. We purchased two units and they performed flawlessly, providing us with a "picture perfect" track, that, along with Garmin's MapSource® software, gave us the much needed maps and navigation aids for what should be a splendid memorial ride this coming weekend.
I've attached the course we laid out, superimposed onto a satellite photo. (view)

L. S.

"GPS V® helps designer to work"


I bought the GPS V system. This is my first GPS unit. I am a design engineer by profession. I design communication and control systems for mission-critical applications for the railroads and 911 dispatch centers. I am usually critical about the electronic stuff that I buy. Most of the time you don't get what you pay for. Engineers use cheap displays and switches, and poorly manufactured cases and plastics. After buying this unit, I cannot pick on anything about it! I don't think it could be made better-in fact, I think it quite perfect! It has a high-quality LCD display that is extremely readable. The adjustable backlight intensity is a great feature, and the buttons are well-designed and laid out. The one thing I like the most is that it is waterproof. I am amazed at all the features this unit can do. It's so small and compact, yet it performs like something 10x its size. To get that many features into such a small package took a lot of hard work. Take it from me: To cram all that into an area that small took a lot of time. This unit is well worth the money!

Now for the real reason I bought it-I am tired of getting lost :) for work. I drive 110 miles a day, round trip. When there is construction or an accident, I have to just sit there in traffic because it is impossible to know all the shortcuts around an area that big. so I never try to go around the problem I just sit there. But today I plotted my route from home to work, mounted it into my truck, and took off. I could not believe the accuracy of this unit! It was to the "T" on every turn and junction. It told me my speed, time to next turn, miles to next turn, and E.T.A.-even outlined my trip on the map. I was really impressed with the E.T.A. In the end, it was only 3 minutes off. Not bad for driving over one hour and ten minutes. I could not be happier with this device! It's simply awesome.

Oh... by the way. This unit (supposedly) has the ability to re-route on the fly. So I tried it. I didn't take a turn when it told me to. I kept on driving, and it beeped and said it was re-routing for me. Then in about 3 seconds, it had my new route all planned out for me and told me to take the next turn up ahead. THAT IS THE BEST FEATURE OF ALL!

Great job Garmin!

J. P.

"Traveling Oregon and Alaska with our StreetPilot® III"

I want to tell you how much I enjoy your StreetPilot III. We have just returned from a 2-month trip from Oregon to Alaska and back. I had purchased my StreetPilot III two days before we left and had it up and running that night. I had loaded the needed MapSource for the trip prior to us leaving, so we had every place we were going. We had also bought the Milepost maps, as those are the suggested maps for the trip. After the first few days, we put the Milepost away and used the StreetPilot III for all the directions. It was great to have in towns that we had not been it before. We could find everything we needed, from fuel to food. My wife was very happy that she did not have to follow maps and try to read instructions while we were driving. I would recommend this to everyone who travels. It is the only map you need!

C. C.

"GPS 12 tough addition to Marine Corps gear"

I am an active duty Marine Infantry Officer. Before my present assignment, I was a Heavy Machine Gun Platoon Commander with 2nd Battalion 4th Marines, 5th Marine Regiment in Camp Pendleton, California. While out on a large training exercise, I was using my Garmin GPS 12 for navigation of my 34-man platoon which were mounted on Hummers. I was doing some map work on the hood of my vehicle while the platoon was fueling up. We remounted our Hummers and began to move. I started to look around for my GPS, when I noticed it was on the hood of the vehicle. By this time we were doing about 45 MPH. By the time I realized where my GPS was, it was to late. My vehicle was just cresting the peak of a large hill. My GPS 12 slid off the hood while doing 45 MPH and crashed onto the asphalt. I was the first vehicle in the column, so several vehicles were following me. The GPS crashed to the ground and split into two parts. I went to the bottom of the hill, stopped the vehicle, and ran back to pick up my GPS. I was sure it was broken forever. I reconnected some wires and used electrical tape to put the two halfs back together. I was sure it would not work. To my surprise, when I turned it on, it worked. Then I thought it would not be accurate. Wrong again. It gave me an MGRS grid just as fast and as accurate as it did when I first purchased it. I want to tell you that I have been impressed with your gear since I first used my GPS 12 two years ago during a Combined Arms Exercise in the desert at 29 Palms, California. I have used my Garmin to navigate on land and on water. It is truely a superior piece of navigational gear. I would highly reccommend it to anybody in my line of work or anybody who plays in the outdoors.

Thanks for making a quality product that is dependable.

Capt. J. C. H., USMC

"Still love my eMap®"

I have sent you feedback before, but I want to reinforce that.

First, although I have an eMap, I like to have the most capable product. I have been using the active buyers guide to find things like my next digital camera, my next PDA, my next phone, and of course, my next GPS unit.

I entered my preferences of what I want in a GPS unit. I did not give preference to brand so that my search would be pure. As I came to the part where I compare all my best choices, I noticed four of the six were Garmin units. Then, as I eliminated those that did not carry desired features, I came down to three choices. Can you guess? They were ALL Garmin units! Specifically, the eMap Deluxe, the GPS 12CX and the GPS V. Well, I wasn't really surprised. After all, I LOVE MY EMAP because of all the things I can do with it. Bottom line...if I do purchase another, it'll be so I can have two Garmin GPS units!!!

Second, I want to tell you what I've been doing. I have been astounding my coworkers. We have gone on several road trips, and I
always bring my eMap. Along the way, I find restrooms, places to eat, places to get gas and snacks, etc. I can tell what services are at any exit ahead and how far. In addition, If we go to a site, I can always find it again, even if I wasn't watching where we went. At first, they mocked and laughed. But now, they ask me to find things and track our route. They are becoming believers.

Last, I want to thank you for posting free updates to the firmware. The unit I bought must have sat on the shelf for a long time because it had version 2.05 on it. When I went to your website, I noticed the current version was 2.50. This was right after I bought it. Well, by the time I acquired a cable you were up to 2.71 and I was happy to see the improvement in my unit. I just got done loading 2.73. Thanks again.

Best regards,

K. W.

"eTrex® helps to win the race"


I just wanted to congratulate you on a great product, the eTrex. I recently bought the mentioned equipment and used it while traveling as a support team for a race car in a Safari Style Rallie in South America. The truck I was assigned lacked a speedometer or odometer, so I relied solely on GPS for tripmeters and other guidance to reach my various destinations. The Rallie was on the "Chaco Paraguayo" in Paraguay, an isolated, remote area with mud and deserted dirt roads without any route signals. We had to rely on drawn maps (the ones used by the rally race car) to find the way. These maps have coordinates, so the best way to find your way is via GPS.

I have to say that the eTrex not only fulfilled my expectations, but surpassed them. Even though I never used or had any knowledge of a GPS, the eTrex was very easy to use, and it took me just about an hour or so of practicing and reading the manual to understand the functioning and usefulness of the equipment. Congratulations again on a great piece of equipment. And for the record, our team car won the race, thanks to Garmin.

R. G.

"National Guard Officer appreciates MGRS in his GPS III® Pilot"


Thank you, thank you for giving us an update to install the MGRS on our III Pilot. As an Army National Guard Safety Officer and Instructor Pilot, I really appreciate having that capability. It is extremely useful when planning and executing our military missions. I highly recommend the Garmin GPS III Pilot to any military aviator looking for a great GPS.

G. M. J.

"eTrex Legend™ assists in NGS benchmark recovery"

Having used multiple Garmin GPS units in the past, including the GPS 12, GPS 12XL, GPS II® Plus-and more recently my eTrex Legend-while camping, hiking, off roading, and geocaching, I recently discovered yet another use for my Garmin GPS and I feel compelled to write and inform you of it.

I've begun locating National Geodetic Survey benchmarks in my area, first as another reason to use my eTrex Legend and now as a way to assist the NGS ( in "recovering" the survey marks. Benchmark Recovery is the term used for locating and verifying whether or not these benchmarks still exist in the locations where they were placed by surveyors. This dates back to 1807 when the NGS was established by then President Thomas Jefferson to survey our nation's coastlines.

The NGS doesn't have the resources to perform periodic recovery of the many benchmarks located throughout the continental United States and, thus, relies on private companies and citizens for assistance. They are very appreciative of citizens who take it upon themselves to report the existence and/or condition of these marks. Many are found moved, destroyed, or missing, and those which are will likely never be replaced. With the help of my Garmin GPS, I feel I am doing a service to my country by helping our nation's first civilian scientific agency.

Thanks Garmin!

M. O.

"StreetPilot III is a stress monitor"

Ladies and Gentleman,

Just a quick note to inform you of how wonderful the StreetPilot III is. Upon receiving it, this unit was up and working within 15 minutes. I had one small problem, and with a five-minute phone call to your tech help, I was on my way.

I have been following the advances in this unit for the last year or so. My need was for a system that could navigate me through my outside sales territory of North Jersey, the five borough of NY, and the lower part of New York State. In researching all the competition out there, looking at the:

I chose your product. This little unit -with all its wonderful options- I feel is MUCH BETTER than others out there. The ease of set-up, user-friendly operation, clear and accurate screen, the voice prompt, being able to use it in any car (at no other cost)-this has taken at least 50 percent of the stress out of my day. Not having to deal with maps, printing and reading directions from the internet, and getting lost is GONE. I now start my day looking forward to driving anywhere needed and can devote all my time to doing my job and visiting clients. In closing, I would like to say thank you for such a wonderful unit and commend you on it. Feel free to use my complements anywhere that will promote this unit and your company.

Respectfully Yours,

M. A. P.

"MapSource means no more maps"

Hi there,

My name is Michael N. and I have been using Garmin products for abought ten years. I know about Garmin from flying. I use my GPS for trips, mostly on my motorcycle. It's great. I use MetroGuide® U.S.A., Topo, and City Navigator. I can't see using a map ever again. Anthying I need, I go to "Find" and there it is. My wife didn't like it at first. She had to take a trip and I programed the trip for her. Now she wants one.

Thanks for making our life easier on our trips.

M. N.

Geocaching in Austin, Texas

Hello, Garmin! Perhaps I've been stuck outdoors too long (searching for caches, that is). I just read a thread from and heard that your site finally added a link for geocaching. Kudos to you for getting the word out and for doing such a good job on it!

We have been geocaching since December of 2000 and loving it. We were the first to hide one in Austin, Texas. I have even been interviewed two times by local newspapers. I could go on and on about several geocaching stories—too many great ones to list—but I would like to mention the following: After the second article ran in the Austin American-Statesman, it seemed like geocaching broke loose in our great city. I read many logs at the following day that had people rushing out to purchase a Garmin GPS and get started in this cool adventure. I always remind people that the Garmin GPS will suffice—nothing more. Perhaps I need to be your official poster person <grin>. Just wanted to let you know that I'm enjoying my newest b-day gift from my boyfriend: an eTrex Legend! He still has the eTrex —"just" the eTrex—but it still does the job. But now he has GPS envy!

Keep up the great work!

Warmest regards,

R. B.