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MapSource® Unlock FAQs
Q. How much will updating cost?

We offer both " Free Updates" and "Charged Updates".

Free Updates:

If you are unlocking a new product after the release date of the update, you are entitled to the unlock code at no charge. In other words, you can update to the latest data for free!

EXAMPLE 1: FREE UPDATE – Fishing Hot Spots®

For example, Joe just purchased MapSource Fishing Hot Spots, with an additional unlock coupon. Joe follows our instructions and visits the Garmin® website to unlock his product. He notices there is an Updated Fishing Hot Spots v4.00 product now available. He orders the Update CD-ROM, and unlocks his original Fishing Hot Spots (region 1) and redeems his additional coupon (region 2).

One month later, Joe’s update CD arrives—he returns to our site to unlock it. Because he unlocked his original Fishing Hot Spots CD after the update became available from Garmin, there is no charge to him for unlocking the updated Fishing Hot Spots v4.00 CD. He is now entitled to choose 2 regions from the new Fishing Hot Spots v4.00 CD. Note that Joe must go through the unlock process twice to obtain both of his new unlock codes. He is also able to unlock a second GPS unit for each of these new regions.

Charged Updates:

If you are a returning customer, you may purchase an update if one is available to you. Your update options are determined based on what you’ve previously unlocked. A new unlock code must be purchased to access the updated data. Please Note: Don't purchase additional coupons or redeem additional coupons until you receive and unlock the update CD. Otherwise, you will be charged twice.

EXAMPLE 2: CHARGED UPDATE – Fishing Hot Spots (Ideal)

For example, Bob purchased MapSource Fishing Hot Spots and goes through the unlock process to obtain an unlock code for region 6. Months later, Bob purchases an additional coupon from a Garmin dealer. When he visits the Garmin website, he finds the version 4.00 update is now available. He orders the update CD, and waits to redeem his additional coupon.

A week later, Bob’s update CD arrives—he returns to our site to unlock it. He unlocks one region (region 9) for the update price of $30.00. Then he redeems his additional coupon he purchased earlier from the Garmin dealer, and unlocks region 10. His total update cost is $30.00.

EXAMPLE 3: CHARGED UPDATE – Fishing Hot Spots (Immediate gratification)

For example, Katie purchased MapSource Fishing Hot Spots and goes through the unlock process to obtain an unlock code for region 5. Months later, Katie purchases an additional coupon from a Garmin dealer. When she visits the Garmin website, she finds the version 4.00 update is now available. Because she needs access to the data immediately, she goes ahead and redeems her coupon for region 7, and she also orders the update CD.

A week later, Katie’s update CD arrives—she returns to our site to unlock it. Since she already redeemed her coupon, she has two update regions available to her. She decides to update both regions, paying $30.00 for each region chosen. Her total update cost is $60.00.

Q. Will I be able to use my CD before the update CD arrives?
A. Yes. You can use your original CD until the update CD arrives.
Q. Why can't I just download the latest data from your website?
A. Because our MapSource products are a tightly integrated data set, it isn't feasible to just replace a few maps. The entire data set must be used as a whole. The data involved is too large to be reasonably downloaded over the Internet. This data could amount to several hundred megabytes or even more than a gigabyte.
Q. I got my unlock code and downloaded it. Now what?

Follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Launch MapSource.
  2. Choose "Unlock Codes..." from the "Tools" menu.
  3. Press the "Add" button.
  4. Enter the unlock code, either with or without dashes.
  5. MapSource will then verify that the unlock code is valid and add it to its list.
Q. What is an "original" unlock code?
A. An original unlock code is the code that accompanies the purchase of a GPS unit or MapSource software. This original code is proof that the original code was obtained properly. All original coupon codes must be used or consumed before additional codes can be accessed.
Q. Why has Garmin started using unlock codes with its cartography data?
A. Use of unlock codes to provides more efficient distribution of MapSource data and allows us to offer this data more cost effectively. One CD can give you as much or as little information as you require, and additional data can be made available to you more quickly and cheaply.
Q. What is the difference between buying an entire CD and buying just a region?
A. Purchasing an entire CD of information is the most cost-effective way to obtain a large amount of mapping data. However, some customers only desire specific cartography information for a select area, and in those cases, they can buy only what they need.
Q. What if I have more than two units?
A. We allow you to unlock up to two of your own personal units. Seperate unlock codes are required for each unit, so you will need to complete the unlock process twice. We do allow transfer of data when you upgrade your unit. You may unlock up to two units with one coupon code.
Q. My computer crashed. Can I obtain my unlock code from MapSource?
A. No, you cannot obtain your unlock code from MapSource. You must re-enter your unlock code by following the online instructions.
Q. What happens to my Unlock code if I need to send the unit in for repair?
A. Your unlock code will continue to work if the unit is repaired. In the event we must replace your GPS unit, a new unlock code will be returned to you with the new GPS unit.
Q. Can I own more than one locked MapSource product?
A. Yes, you may. Garmin encourages you to purchase as many MapSource products as you would like, locked or unlocked. MapSource will be able to unlock multiple products for the same GPS unit.
Q. What if I upgrade to a new GPS unit?
A. As long as you have only obtained one unlock code per original coupon code, then simply follow the same procedure a second time. If you have already used your unlock code twice, please go through the procedure for purchasing additional unlock codes.
Q. How does Unlock technology work?
A. The unlocked region is tied to a specific GPS unit. That particular code will not work with another GPS unit. In the event you have a second GPS unit, you will need to obtain a second unlock code for the same region that is tied to that GPS unit.
Q. Can I unlock my friend's GPS unit?
A. No. Our license agreement states that the data is valid for your personal use only.
Q. Can I see data for those areas that are locked?
A. No. However, you can use our online map viewer to preview any map detail for any area.
Q. Does unlocking my product register me to be notified for updates to the map data?
A. Yes, as long as you make that selection on the registration form. Please be certain that the information you provide to us is accurate. Garmin will notify you of updates to the product you purchased as they become available via email or mail.
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