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 Top Ten Que FAQs
  1. How do I find the internal Unit ID number for my iQue 3200/3600?
  2. What is the proper way to place the iQue into?or remove it from?its cradle?
  3. Can I use my stylus to enter a Waypoint with my iQue 3200/3600?
  4. How do I delete a "recently found place" in my iQue 3200/3600?
  5. Is the iQue waterproof?
  6. Is the Secure Digital (SD) card a proprietary card? And what does MMC stand for?
  7. Am I able to load MP3s directly into the iQue 3600?s internal memory?
  8. How do I replace my iQue's stylus?
  9. Can I perform real-time tracking with my iQue and a laptop computer?
  10. How do I activate the GPS on the iQue?
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