Updates & Downloads

eTrex 20/30 software version 2.87 Beta

as of October 9, 2012

Download (4.47 MB)

View installation instructions and system requirements


Change History

Changes made from version 2.80 to 2.87:

Installation Instructions

  1. Connect your GPS to your computer using a GARMIN USB cable
  2. Click the download link above
  3. Choose either Run or Save
  4. If you have chosen Run, follow the download clients prompts
  5. If you have chosen Save, locate the saved file and click it to launch
  6. Next, follow the download clients prompts
  7. Once the beta update is complete, insure fresh, fully charged batteries are in your GPS. Any disruptions during the update process may render your GPS inoperable.
  8. Once the download client has completed, unplug your GPS from the computer and power on
  9. The update process will now begin. When complete, the device will reset automatically.

System requirements

  1. IBM-compatible PC running Windows XP or later operating system and an available Com 1, 2, 3, or 4 port.
  2. PC Interface Cable for your GPS unit. The PC Interface Cable may be purchased through your local Garmin distributor or ordered direct from our Online Store.