Garmin fleet 590

Lap the growing service fleet industry with our comprehensive fleet management solution.

Simple to install, use and maintain, the fleet 590 provides simple fleet connectivity — so you can have your complete fleet solution in weeks rather than months.

With vital fleet-tracking abilities and driver-enabled capabilities, the fleet 590 delivers an integrated tracking and dispatch fleet system for business owners and their drivers. The fleet 590 integrates a black box, cable and antenna with our industry-leading user interface. With a third-party business partner application, fleet owners have the capability to track their assets at a moment’s notice, even during non-business hours.

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Benefits of Our Telematics Platform

Address New Vertical Markets

Our complete fleet management solution — Garmin fleet 590 — doesn’t require an expensive installation or configuration. This plug-and-play solution allows fleet partners to build powerful, low-cost solutions to target subscriber growth in new, smaller vertical markets — it’s the perfect solution for small fleet owners.

Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs

No sales time or overhead costs are necessary to coordinate these installations. Simply ship the hardware and start collecting revenue.

Reduce Subscriber Churn Rate

Have a vehicle under repair or need to transfer tracking capabilities to another fleet vehicle? No problem. Simply swap the navigator and get going. No hassle. No fuss.

Improve Subscriber ARPU

Integrated job dispatching, messaging, fleet safety metrics and advanced time clock capabilities enable fleet partners to upsell “sticky” services, driving higher, predictable revenue. Plus, there are opportunities for additional margins through add-on services, such as a traffic and fuel prices.

Reduce Cost and Complexity of In-vehicle Solution

Not only do you eliminate professional labor costs and downtime, but the components (black box, cable, navigator and antenna) are all integrated into one, making deployment and transfer among vehicles a snap.