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January 6, 2001

Garmin® Introduces Portable StreetPilot® III with Auto Routing, Voice Prompts for Metro Drivers

LAS VEGAS, Nev. — Garmin International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. (Nasdaq: GRMN), a leading manufacturer of GPS-enabled navigation, communication and information devices, unveiled its newest automotive product, the StreetPilot III, today at the Consumer Electronics Show.
The StreetPilot III follows in the footsteps of the original StreetPilot and StreetPilot ColorMap as a portable automotive GPS navigation system with electronic map capabilities. But it goes a step further by adding turn-by-turn navigation and voice prompting on a 16-color, higher resolution display.

And unlike other in-car navigation systems that boast portability, the StreetPilot III does not require monthly service fees, installation or an external processor. Instead, consumers can download street-level mapsets onto a removable memory cartridge, insert the card into the StreetPilot III, mount the system on the dash of any vehicle, and enjoy the ease of stress-free driving.

"With its turn-by-turn navigation and voice prompting features, the StreetPilot III takes the mystery out of driving in unfamiliar areas and almost assures that you won’t get lost on your way to an important meeting," said Jon Cassat, Garmin's director of marketing communications. "It is the most convenient, portable auto-navigation system on the market, and it’s available at a fraction of the price of in-dash navigation systems."

The StreetPilot III offers true turn-by-turn navigation in America's major cities with its auto-routing feature. At the touch of a button, consumers will now have access to the shortest and fastest routes, turn directions, and estimated time of arrival at their intended destination. Along the way, the StreetPilot III provides automated voice prompts, alerting the driver to necessary turns, distance to upcoming turns, course deviation, and distance to final destination.

Key features of the StreetPilot III include:

  • Turn-by-turn, automatic route generation (up to 25 stored routes from the internal basemap or downloaded mapsets)
  • Voice guidance for turn, course, distance, and arrival information
  • Proven 12-channel GPS receiver for pinpoint accuracy within 30 feet
  • 3.8-inch, 16-color, high-resolution display (305 x 160 pixels)
  • Built-in routable basemap of the U.S., Canada and South America, including major highways, roadways, railways, waterways, and geopolitical borders
  • Internal database of exit information for the U.S. interstate highway system listing thousands of available services such as food, lodging and service stations
  • Rapid download capability for access to residential maps and thousands of local attractions — including ATMs, restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, and service stations
  • Speaker capabilities for volume control and muting on voice-assisted guidance
  • Additional storage for 500 waypoints
  • Backlighting on screen and keypad for low-visibility driving
  • Emergency battery life (up to four hours on six AA alkaline batteries)

A full package of standard accessories adds even more value to the StreetPilot III — USB Data Card Programmer, PC interface cable, 12-volt adapter with external speaker, dash mount, 32MB datacard, and nationwide digital coverage areas (DCAs) on Garmin's exclusive MapSource® City Navigator twin CD-ROM set with one user-preferred DCA automatically unlocked.

The StreetPilot III is expected to be available in March 2001 and will carry a suggested retail price of $1,272.