Choosing a GPS Unit for Geocaching


Montana Series

Take it hiking, hunting or on the water. Big and versatile, these rugged navigators feature dual-orientation glove-friendly touchscreens, multiple mapping options, 3-axis electronic compasses, barometric altimeters and high-sensitivity GPS receivers to hold your position even in the deepest cover.

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eTrex Series

Find adventure in every direction with the affordable and versatile eTrex series of outdoor handhelds.�These rugged navigators feature high-sensitivity GPS receivers to help hold your position even in the deepest cover.

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GPSMAP 62 Series

Deep woods and tall buildings are no match for this rugged, waterproof navigation series. With its quad helix antenna and high-sensitivity GPS receivers, these slim and lightweight handhelds hold your position even in the deepest cover, ensuring you'll find your way when you need it the most.

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Oregon Series

Get in touch with your wild side with the Oregon series of advanced, rugged, touchscreen handhelds. These next-generation navigators feature preloaded maps (U.S. topographic), barometric altimeter, wireless data sharing, touchscreen, high-sensitivity GPS receiver, color display and microSD™ card slot.

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Dakota Series

Keep on moving with the lightweight, yet feature–rich Dakota series. Packing a high–sensitivity GPS receiver and a worldwide basemap into a compact design, this rugged and waterproof navigator features a color touchscreen display that offers up to 20 hours of battery life.

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