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 Geocaching: Get More (Fun) Out of Your Garmin®

eTrex® -- Ideal for GeocachingGarmin GPS powers the entertaining adventure game of geocaching. Our GPS units are more than recreational enhancers for activities like camping, hiking, hunting and fishing -- they're also the technology enablers for geocachers everywhere. Geocaching is a form of high-tech scavenger hunting -- a 21st century version of hide-and-seek, if you will -- that utilizes GPS technology to guide gamers to caches (hidden treasures) across the U.S. and around the world.

Geocaching started in May 2000 in the Pacific Northwest. Since then, it has grown quickly into a worldwide activity and global community. Geocaching is a game for people of all ages, for those who love technology, for those who enjoy getting outdoors, or for those who got excited when they found their first Easter egg as a child. It's also for those who want to sharpen their GPS navigation skills for other outdoor activities.

There are only a few basic ingredients to the game of geocaching: Someone to hide the cache, Internet access to find the coordinates, a Garmin GPS unit to plot a course to the cache, and someone to find it. And the rules are fairly simple: Find the cache, fill out the logbook, take a treasure out, put something of yours back in, and place it exactly in the location and condition in which you found it. Treasures include things like maps, coins/currency, small books, CDs, videos, postcards, tickets, antiques, tools, toys, mementos, trinkets, etc. Never hide explosives, ammunition, drugs, alcohol or anything that would violate a local or federal law. It's also unwise to place food items in the cache, because animals will likely find it before humans and destroy the cache (or harm themselves) trying to get to the food. Other than that, the game can be as simple, difficult or creative as enthusiasts want to make it.

eTrex - Click to find more popular Geocaching units.Though several websites are available to enhance your geocaching adventures, you should begin with the most authoritative site on the Internet -- At this site, you will discover details, helpful hints and tips on finding and creating the growing number of caches. You will also find user forums, cache notes, adventure pictures and links to other geocaching websites.

And when you're ready to get serious about geocaching, get a Garmin. It's the GPS unit that geocachers rely upon, because Garmin units are the most portable, affordable, and user-friendly GPS products on the market. Find the Garmin that's right for your next adventure with our quick reference guide.


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