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CD-ROM contains:
  • Over 2,200 miles (3,520 km) of walking trails
  • Over 1,100 hours of trail time
  • Over 140,000m of climbing
  • 487 peaks to visit
  • Over 500 scenic photographs

eTRAIL: 200 of the best walking routes in the U.K. and Ireland

The eTRAIL CD-ROM will no longer be sold after 28 February 2005.

Garmin (Europe) — in conjunction with TRAIL magazine — are proud to present eTRAIL, an interactive CD-ROM containing 200 of the best walking routes in the U.K. and Ireland for your Garmin GPS.

Download waypoints for 200 of the most alluring and scenic walking trails to your Garmin GPS for the best walks of your life. Each route on the CD-ROM has a GPS version which can be saved into your Garmin GPS, so you can easily navigate your way.

CD-ROM eTrail routes show*:

  • Details of length and typical duration
  • Total ascent and gradient profile
  • Elements of difficulty
  • Regions and descriptions
  • Localisation within the region, including the nearest towns
  • Start grid reference
  • Map details
  • Trail overview
  • Type of terrain
  • List of peaks visited
  • Full step-by-step directions, as well as an illustration of the route
  • Colour photographs
  • Tourist information centres
  • Ordnance Survey map

Best of all, eTrail is so user-friendly, you can quickly and easily plan your trail with expert assistance from features such as:

  • Print function to produce a hard copy of any route
  • Context-sensitive help
  • Complete Garmin GPS product guide and dealer information
  • TRAIL hiking guide with important points and tips to remember
  • GPS for beginners guide

*eTrail is a route product, not a mapping product. No map is downloadable from this CD-ROM to the GPS unit.

eTrail will work on any PC with a serial port running Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT or XP and a minimum Pentium 166 processor. The routes can be saved to all eTrex, eMap®, GPS 12/CX/MAP/XL, GPS 48. GPS 76, GPS II Plus, GPS III Plus, GPS V, GPSMAP® 76/176/176C, Streetpilot Color Map/monochrome and StreetPilot® III GPS receivers.


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