Training Videos — fēnix

These tutorial videos highlight the features of the fēnix, a high-sensitivity GPS navigator+ABC adventure watch from Garmin. Designed for outdoor enthusiasts.

Introducing fēnix

Designed for outdoor enthusiasts, fēnix is a high-sensitivity GPS navigator+ABC adventure watch from Garmin - the world's most trusted name in GPS navigation.

Units of Measure

Customize distance/speed, elevation, depth, temperature, pressure and vertical speed units. Switch from miles to kilometers, feet to meters, Celsius to Fahrenheit and more.

Creating a Waypoint

Learn how fēnix can save and organize your locations. Then we'll show you how to use the compass to navigate to a saved location.


fēnix and BaseCamp

Here we'll show you how to send all the data fēnix has collected to BaseCamp for later viewing, planning and sharing through Garmin Adventures.

Satellites and Tracking

Using the GPS features of your fēnix device starts with acquiring satellite signals. Here, we show you how your watch finds signals plus, more about GPS navigation features.

Viewing Sensor Data

Access your fēnix device's compass, altimeter, barometer and temperature functions with just the push of a button. But which button? Let us show you.


Charging Your fēnix

Here we show you how to charge your fēnix and where to find out how much battery life you have left. It's, quite literally, a snap.

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