Training Videos — Dakota

These tutorial videos, featuring Garmin blogger Jake of Jakes Journal, highlight the features of the Dakota, a small but powerful touchscreen handheld thats perfect for family camping, light hiking and geocaching adventures.



Get to know the Dakota handhelds. Designed for outdoor enthusiasts who want to spend quality time outdoors with family or friends.

Getting Started

Getting Started

See how easy it is to explore nature with these palm-sized touchscreen navigators.

Acquiring GPS Signals

Acquiring GPS Signals

Learn how quickly and easily you can acquire Global Positioning Satellites..


Basic Navigation and Setting Waypoints

Basic Navigation

Learn the basic steps to navigating with Dakota and how to get the most out of your outdoor adventures.

Navigating to a Destination

Using the “Where to” menu or choosing a point on the map, either way, Dakota makes it easy to get where you want to go.


Find out more about geocaching, a fun and rewarding treasure hunt game utilizing GPS coordinates posted by fellow geocachers on the Internet.


How to Share Information Wirelessly

How to Share Wirelessly

Learn how to wirelessly transmit waypoints, routes, tracks and geocaches with other similar Garmin units.

Paperless Geocaching

Paperless geocaching

Garmins new outdoor handhelds feature paperless geocaching, making this high-tech treasure hunt more enjoyable than ever by displaying all of the information you need right on your Dakota, Oregon or Colorado GPS device.

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