Getting Started

Make every step count with vívofit. Learn how this fitness band tracks your progress 24/7 and helps you meet your fitness goals.

Heart Rate, Challenges and Calorie Tracking

vívofit does more than record your steps and sleep. Learn how to record heart rate, join online challenges and get detailed calorie tracking.

Setting Up vívofit with Your Computer

Follow these simple steps to set up vívofit on your computer using the included USB stick.

Pairing with Your Smartphone

Learn how to pair vívofit with your smartphone and the Garmin Connect Mobile app.

Replacing Your Battery

Learn how to change the battery in your vivofit once you’ve reached that 1+ year mark.

Changing Time on a vívofit

Learn how to update the time on your Garmin vívofit series device by syncing it with the Garmin Connect Mobile app or through Garmin Express.

Support: Importing Fitbit® Data into Garmin Connect

Learn how to import fitness and activity tracking data from your Fitbit® device into the Garmin Connect application.