Measure where it matters. Garmin brings power to the people with Vector, an innovative pedal-based power meter. It not only changes how power is measured; it changes how cyclists get power — making it extremely easy to buy and install.

Unboxing Vector

See what comes in your Vector power meter box and learn what tools you'll need for installation.

Ensuring Vector Fits Your Bike

The Vector power meter fits the vast majority of cranks and bike setups, and we'll step you through a couple of measurements to make sure it fits your ride.

Removing Existing Pedals Before Installing Vector

We'll cover how to remove your existing pedals before starting the installation of the Vector power meter.

Installing Vector

You can install the Vector power meter yourself—just like changing the pedals on your bike. We'll take you through the process step by step.

Pairing Vector with Your Garmin Device

Find out how to pair the Vector power meter with your compatible Garmin device.

Preparing for Your First Ride with Vector

Learn how to calibrate the Vector power meter and set the installation angles before your first ride.

Before Each Ride with Vector

Perform this brief calibration before each ride with the Vector power meter.

Removing Vector Pedals

We know you're going to want to take the Vector power meter with you when you travel or when you want to use it on another bike, so here's how to remove the pedals.

Updating Vector

As software updates for the Vector power meter become available, you can perform the update yourself, using an app from the Vector owner's site. Here's how to prepare Vector for updates.

Upgrading to Vector 2/2S

See how easy it is to upgrade from Vector to Vector 2 or 2S with a kit you can purchase from

Vector 2/2S

Installing vector shimano cartridge kit.