These tutorial videos, featuring Garmin blogger Jake of Jake’s Journal, highlight the features of the Edge® 705, a GPS-enabled bike computer used by cyclists ranging from weekend warriors to Team Garmin professional cyclists.

Meet Edge 705

Jake introduces Edge 705 and its available features.

Let's Ride

Ready to roll? Here are a few quick tips before you head out on your first ride with the 705.

Heart Rate Monitor

Jake shows you how to use your heart rate monitor with Edge 705.

Customizing Screens

The Edge 705 can display different types of data on various screens. Find out how to tailor it to your liking.

Displaying Heart Rate

Customize Edge training pages to see heart rate data during training.


Find out how to charge your Edge before your first ride.

Resetting Edge

Jake shows you how to bring your Edge back to life if it ever locks up.

Software Updates

Update your Edge 705 with the latest free software from Garmin.


Edge 705 has some of the same capabilities as the Garmin navigator in your car. Find out where it can take you on your rides.

Marking Locations

Use Edge to mark and return to waypoints or other locations you want to store.

Wireless Data Transfer

Jake shows you how to wirelessly share data between Edge 705 devices.

Virtual Partner

There’s nothing like chasing down another rider to push your performance. Find out how Edge’s Virtual Partner® can push you too.


Use Edge’s alerts to help you train for certain time, distance, speed, heart rate, cadence and power goals.

Auto Pause and Auto Lap

Learn how to set up Edge to automatically pause the timer and mark a lap at a set position or distance.

Garmin Connect

Edge tracks data every time you ride. Upload it to Garmin Connect to store, analyze and share.

Speed/Cadence Sensor

Track your speed and cadence with this optional sensor that mounts to your rear wheel.

Power Meter Setup

Pairing your ANT+-enabled power meter to the Edge 705 is simple, thanks to embedded wireless technology. Jake shows you how to pair, calibrate and verify that the 705 is reading the power data.

Analyzing Power Data

Find out how to customize your 705 display to show power, plus how to store and analyze your data online.