What’s New with Garmin Golf

Jake from the Garmin blog explains what’s what with the new software for the Approach® G5.


Jake and Carl from the Garmin Blog give a brief introduction about the basics of the Approach G5.

Getting Started

A quick tutorial on how to fire up the Approach G5, get tips on loading batteries, acquiring a GPS signal and everything you need to know when you’re ready to put Approach into play.

Teeing Off with Approach

Jake walks you through the quick, easy steps for starting a round of golf with the Approach G5.

Measure Shot and Digital Scorecard

Find out everything you need to know about the Digital Scorecard and Measure Shot features for the Approach G5.

Green View and Touch-Targeting

Get a quick tutorial from Jake on how to best use the Green View and Touch-Targeting features for the Approach G5.

Viewing Scorecards and Downloading Courses

The last of Jake’s tutorials teaches you the finer points of the Scorecard feature and offers a few quick tips on how to download courses for the Approach G5.