With its revolutionary new touchscreen interface, the Garmin GTN series will change the course of general aviation. Learn all about the system's functions and capabilities with the GTN tutorial video series.


Discover the GTN series, the next evolution in avionics.

COMM/NAV Controls

Take a closer look at how the COMM and NAV functions work.

“Direct To” Input

Learn how to operate the “Direct To” capabilities, including how to find your most frequently visited airports.

Using the Touchscreen

Master the revolutionary touchscreen controls.


Discover how much simpler it is to access flight data and essential functions.

The Maps Screen

Learn how to operate the moving map display.

Basic Flight Scenario

Take off on a basic flight. This video will show you how to set COMM frequencies, fly airways and more.

Graphical Flight Planning

Discover new graphical flight planning mode, which allows you to change your flight plan just by dragging and dropping a leg of your journey.

In-flight Tools

Learn how to make the most of your navigator, including how to use the terrain, weather and traffic options.

Loading Approaches

Get step⁢by⁢step instructions on how to load and execute approaches.

Transponder and Audio Panel

Check out the GTN series’ remote transponder and audio panel controls.

XM® Satellite Features

With an optional XM satellite receiver and subscriptions, the GTN series can display NEXRAD radar, lightning data and other aviations weather information. It can also play satellite radio stations.