It’s time to rethink what’s possible in your panel. Now, with the Garmin G3X system, pilots of experimental/kitbuilt and light sport aircraft are finding they can comfortably afford to fly with the very latest in electronic “glass cockpit” capabilities

G3X with Garmin Integrated Autopilot

G3X Coupled ILS Approach

Shooting an ILS approach to minimums is a cinch with the Garmin integrated G3X autopilot.

G3X Level Button Demonstration

See how to use the dedicated GMC 305 control panel's blue level button with the Garmin G3X autopilot to bring the aircraft back to straight and level flight.

G3X Coupled VNAV Descent

See how to use the vertical navigation mode with the Garmin integrated G3X autopilot to provide a stabilized descent into the traffic pattern like a pro.

G3X with Third-party Integrated Autopilot


The Garmin G3X is a customizable glass cockpit for experimental/kitbuilt and light sport aircraft.


Learn the basic features of the G3X integrated autopilot, including autopilot engagement, altitude preselect, heading, and altitude hold modes.

VOR Mode

Discover how easy it is to intercept and track a VOR radial with the G3X integrated autopilot, including tracking to and overflying the VOR station.

GPS Approach

See a coupled WAAS GPS approach using the G3X integrated autopilot.

ILS Approach

The G3X integrated autopilot makes shooting an ILS approach to minimums simple.

Hold Entry & VOR/DME Approach

Watch as the G3X integrated autopilot automatically flies a holding pattern entry and coupled VOR/DME approach with GPS overlay.