Map Unlock

Locking regions of BlueChart® marine cartography allows us to provide you with only the map data you need at a lower cost. If you want to navigate to another offshore area that’s not covered in the region you selected, simply purchase an unlock code for another region at

Your unlock code is valid for use with 1 Garmin device. A separate unique unlock code is needed for each device you own. If you own more than one device or upgrade to a new device, you will need a separate code for each device. If you own 2 devices, you are allowed a second unlock code for the same BlueChart region for your own personal use at no additional charge. Simply repeat the unlock process for the second device. No more than 2 devices may be unlocked with the purchase of a single unlock code. A new unlock code must be purchased if you have already unlocked 2 devices. Please see our unlock FAQs for more information.



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