Garmin Connect™ — Getting Started

Garmin Communicator

The steps below will guide you through the Garmin Connect getting started process. Here you'll find the required downloads and instructions to upload an activity to Garmin Connect. Once online, you will see performance data and a map of your activity, plus you'll be able to share these with others.

1. Sign Up

Sign up for a myGarmin account to access Garmin Connect. It’s fast and free. If you already have, then one less step.

2. Download

Even though Garmin Connect is a website, you need to download software that communicates between your device and computer.

Download Communicator Plug-in

3. Install

Run the download installer file and complete the installation process.

4. Workout

Take your device for a spin. View real-time speed, distance and location data during your activity.

5. Upload

Connect the device to your computer with provided USB cable. Login to Garmin Connect and go to the upload page. Follow the upload process and enjoy Garmin Connect.

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