Training Center® — Getting Started

Garmin ANT Agent™ for Forerunner®

The steps below will guide you through the Garmin Training Center getting started process. Here you'll find the required downloads and configurations, as well as instructions to upload an activity to Garmin Training Center.

1. Download

To begin, you need to download software that communicates between your device and computer and the Garmin Training Center application.

Download ANT Agent and Garmin Training Center package

2. Install

Open the installer file and follow the on-screen instructions.

3. Pair

Establish a relationship between your computer, USB ANT stick and Garmin device for data transfer.

4. Configure

If this is your first time using Garmin Training Center:

  1. The New User dialog box appears.
  2. Enter a name for your new user account.
  3. Verify your device is associated with this user account in the Adding a new device to this account section. Click the Find Device if necessary.
  4. (Optional) Type a "nick name" for the device.
  5. Click OK.

If you have previously used Garmin Training Center:

Tip: You can modify your user profile under the User option in Garmin Training Center’s main toolbar. Be sure to click the Send to Device icon to update the profile on your Forerunner device. (This feature is not supported by the Forerunner 50).

  1. The Unknown Fitness Device dialog box appears. Select Add device to existing user account, and click OK.
  2. Select a user account, select the new device, and type an optional "nick name" for the device.
  3. Click OK.

5. Register

Be sure to register your Forerunner to find out about software updates and take advantage of special offers.

6. Run or Ride — You’re Done!

Now, go on a run. Take a spin on your bike, or hit the gym. The next time you return to your computer, your data will be waiting for you at Garmin Training Center.