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Safety Camera Subscription

Turn your compatible Garmin device into a safety camera alert system. Using this service, you can download safety camera data to your Garmin device containing the locations of hundreds of safety cameras across the country. After you load the data, your Garmin device alerts you when you are approaching a safety camera and can warn you if you are driving too fast.

nuvi with Safety Cameras


Savers Guide™ is a "geo-coded" coupon book that notifies you of nearby discounts on restaurants, hotels, shopping, and more at thousands of participating Entertainment® businesses throughout North America. Save 20% off dining, shopping, and services and up to 50% off at participating hotels.

Garmin part number: 010-10775-01

Estimated Retail Price:
$49.99 U.S.D. (for domestic US market only)

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TravelGuide gives you helpful and thorough reviews and recommendations for restaurants, hotels, shopping, nightlife, sporting events and tourist attractions. Several versions of TravelGuide are available for Europe and the United States.

Travel Guide

POI Loader

With POI Loader, you can now add additional points of interest to your compatible Garmin GPS. This means you can upload custom POIs to supplement the nearly 6 million points of interest that are already in your unit. Upload safety cameras or school zones, and you will receive a warning if you are traveling too fast.

StreetPilot c550 with Custom POI screen
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