Good Times Start Here

Whether you're a student athlete or coach,
we know you invest a lot of time and sweat in training.

The Garmin Coach program rewards high school and collegiate runners with a $50 rebate on the purchase of a Forerunner® 210 or 610 GPS sport watch that tracks time, distance, pace and more. Athletes gain valuable feedback and motivation by using the watches for training runs. For post-workout analysis, student athletes and coaches can use our free website, Garmin Connect, to store, plan and share their runs. They can also access free training plans and create groups for sharing activities, announcements and more.

Get $50 Back, Gain Motivation for the Team
  1. Purchase an eligible Garmin running watch from a local sports retailer.
  2. Complete a rebate form for a $50 rebate.
  3. Use a Garmin sport watch to track training runs.
  4. Upload runs and share them on a group page on our free website, Garmin Connect.
  5. Review individual or team stats at Garmin Connect anytime.


Your workout's hard. Your watch should be easy.

With a sport watch from Garmin, you can see your time, distance, pace, lap splits and more. Just press a button to start the timer and run with it. The watch does the rest, including automatically recording laps, automatically pausing and restarting the timer for stops and starts, plus storing every minute of your workout for review later.

It's the same technology used by elite marathoners like silver medalist Meb Keflezighi and Desi Davila. And now you can have it all at your fingertips.

Forerunner® 210

  • GPS-enabled sport watch
  • Tracks time, pace, distance, calories burned
  • Heart rate monitor included on some models
  • Custom interval training
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Forerunner 610

  • Touchscreen GPS-enabled sport watch
  • Tracks time, pace, distance, calories burned
  • Heart rate monitor included on some models
  • Advanced workout options
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Garmin Connect

At Garmin Connect, teammates and coaches can plan, store and share runs — for free. They can also access free training plans and view teammates’ stats for extra motivation. Coaches can create a group page where they can post announcements, add courses (coming soon) and view activities from all teammates in one convenient place.

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Setting up a Garmin Connect Account

  1. Visit the Garmin Connect getting started page.
  2. Make sure each Garmin GPS watch used by your team members is registered at myGarmin.
  3. Sign in to your account, click your display name in the top right and select “Create new group.”
  4. Select privacy settings.
  5. Email group page link to team members.

Where to Buy

To find a sports retailer in your area, select a product below.

Forerunner 210

Forerunner 610

Note: watch purchase must be made from a participating retailer to qualify for the $50 rebate. If your specialty fitness retailer is not participating in the program or if you have further questions, contact


Who can purchase a Garmin watch for a student athlete?
The student, parent, guardian, family member or coach can purchase the device. However, a copy of the athlete's student ID must be sent in with the rebate form (limit 1 per athlete).

How can a coach benefit from the program if not all of their team members are using Garmin devices?
A coach can benefit from visibility of athlete performance at the Garmin Connect website even if only a few of their student athletes have a Garmin sport watch. The coach no longer has to manually record data for student athletes who use a Garmin watch and upload to Garmin Connect.

Can GPS-enabled Garmin watches be worn during a race?
Rules vary by state and event. Check with your coach or your district's athletic association rules.

1Eligible watches: Forerunner 210 or Forerunner 610.