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 United States Waterways & Lights 

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United States Waterways & Lights

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U.S. Waterways & Lights:
• Alaska
• Continental US
• Hawaii
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Please note: This product was discontinued as of November 30, 2002.

MapSource® United States Waterways & Lights offers GPS 48 support which allows you to transfer nautical navaids from a worldwide database. When you install the GPS 48 support, there will be a selection to upload a particular lights region into the GPS 48. The regions are: North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and South Pacific.

Features include:

  • Trip and waypoint management functions**
  • For general marine reference
  • U.S. nautical navigation aids of lights, buoys, sound signals and daybeacons
  • U.S. inland shoreline detail for lakes, reservoirs, waterways and rivers with icons indicating boat ramps, dams, facilities, and danger areas
  • Coastline detail, including thousands of small islands plus wrecks, obstructions and other hazards (no depth contours)
  • Detailed U.S. map with cities, towns, highways, major local roads and interstates

With a map download-compatible Garmin® GPS, simply transfer maps from the PC to your compatible GPS unit.

Please see important service bulletin.

**These trip and waypoint management functions of this product work with nearly all Garmin GPS units, excluding the GPS100 family and panel mount aviation units.

 Pricing and Availability
MapSource U.S. Waterways & Lights
Garmin Part Number: 010-10215-05
U.S. List Price: $81.65 (for domestic US market only)
MapSource software that does not display a red buy button beside it may be temporarily out of stock or not yet available. If you would like to check availability or find a comparable product, please e-mail our cartography department or call 1-800-800-1020 for availability.
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