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 BlueChart Americas

BlueChart Americas CD

 Available in 4 versions  

BlueChart CD-ROMs:

Atlantic Small

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Whether you're exploring new coastline or cruising your favorite bay, BlueChart Americas contains the most detailed marine cartography around. These electronic nautical maps give you peace of mind when navigating offshore.

The BlueChart Americas CD-ROM includes coverage for several offshore regions — select one of these regions to view and download charts with this purchase. See the product compatibility table (right) for a list of products that Garmin recommends with this software.

BlueChart Americas features include:

  • New! Now with with local chart data for the South American countries of Brazil, Chile, Peru, and Uruguay.
  • New! Manatee Protection Speed Zones for Tampa Bay, Channel Islands Marine Reserve Boundaries and Bottomfish Restricted Fishing Areas for Hawaii
  • Updated marine services
  • New editions and notices to mariner changes
  • Includes Canadian port services; Inland River detail card
  • Includes Wavey line data for the Turks and Caicos Islands in addition to data from Explorer Charts for the Bahamas
  • Bathymetric data for East Coast and Gulf of Mexico
  • Port services including marina names, addresses, telephone, and types of services provided
  • Chart-specific information, including chart name, number, scale, revision date, latest Notice to Mariners date
  • Trip and waypoint management function lets you transfer waypoints, routes and tracks between your GPS and your PC
  • Faithful representation of published official paper charts
  • Object-oriented cartography
  • Shaded depth contours
  • Intertidal zones
  • Spot soundings
  • Port plans
  • Navaids with view range and coverage
  • Tides, wrecks, restricted areas and anchorages

CDs vs. pre-programmed data cards:
This CD provides the same detailed, object-oriented cartography as our pre-programmed BlueChart data cards, including specific region breakdowns. For further details on pre-programmed data cards, see our BlueChart pages.

**These functions of this product work with nearly all Garmin® GPS units, excluding the GPS 100 family and panel mount aviation units.

 Unlocking Your Coverage  

When you purchase the MapSource BlueChart® CD, you’ll have access to detailed nautical charts for one region of your choice. Follow instructions on the certificate to unlock one region, then download the map data to a blank data card or compatible Garmin unit. You can reprogram the data card whenever you want by simply downloading different areas. Click here for more information about the unlock process.

 Pricing and Availability   

MapSource BlueChart Americas
Garmin Part Number: 010-10317-00
U.S. List Price: $151.65 (for domestic US market only)

Please note: MapSource software that does not display a red buy button beside it may be temporarily out of stock or not yet available. If you would like to check availability or find a comparable product, please e-mail our cartography department or call 1-800-800-1020.


 Coverage Map   

BlueChart Americas Coverage Map
View map coverage View BlueChart Americas map coverage

Click on the link above to view coverage. You will be led through a series of pages to identify either the BlueChart data cards or the BlueChart regions offered.

A certificate included with the BlueChart CD-ROM provides access to "unlock" one region of your choice. You are entitled to select just one region per unlock coupon code, but not one region from each map. A region is identified with a Garmin part number.

 MapSource Screen Examples   

GPSMAP 178C Sounder screen PC Screen Example
Screen  Example
click to enlarge
Screen Example
click to enlarge

Select detailed electronic charts from one of the offshore regions on the BlueChart Americas CD and download the data to a Garmin data card or to a compatible Garmin chartplotter or GPS.

This screen shows what detail such as spot soundings and shaded depth contours looks like on a PC.
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