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United States Roads & Recreation

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Please note: This product was discontinued as of January 28, 2004.

Plan your next vacation or recreational outing with MapSource® United States Roads & Recreation CD-ROM.

Features include:

  • Trip and waypoint management functions**
  • Local, county, residential roads, and interstates for all 50 states
  • U.S. interstate exit information such as service stations, gas stations, restaurants, hotels, campsites, hospitals, banks, and more
  • U.S. inland cartography with shoreline detail for lakes, reservoirs, rivers; icons indicating boat ramps, dams, marinas, public facilities, mile markers, and first-aid stations
  • U.S. nautical navaids such as daybeacons, radiobeacons, RACONs, fog signals, lights, buoys, and other navaids
**These functions of this product work with nearly all Garmin® GPS units, excluding the GPS100 family and panel mount aviation units.
 Pricing and Availability
MapSource Roads & Recreation U.S.
Garmin Part Number: 010-10215-00
U.S. List Price: $116.65 (for domestic US market only)
MapSource software that does not display a red buy button beside it may be temporarily out of stock or not yet available. If you would like to check availability or find a comparable product, please e-mail our cartography department or call 1-800-800-1020 for availability.
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