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The Future of TIS and Mode S Transponders

Important Information about TIS-Capable Mode S Transponders

You may have heard that the FAA is planning to deactivate Traffic Information Service (TIS) in some areas of the United States over the next several years. Garmin is committed to help answer your questions about this process, and to help you make fully informed decisions about purchasing a GTX 33 or GTX 330 Mode S Transponder.

What is the future of TIS?
The FAA provides TIS services through a network of 129 radar ground stations, which send traffic information in covered areas to Mode S transponders. The TIS information comes from ASR-7, 8 and 9 radar units. Over the next several years, the FAA is upgrading 22 of these radar ground stations to ASR-11 units, which will no longer support TIS. The 22 radar ground stations are scheduled to be replaced one by one between now and 2013.

Which TIS radar stations are being replaced?
View the TIS coverage map for details about which TIS radar stations are being replaced.

Where can I get more information?
The FAA has sole control over the coverage areas and schedule for deactivating TIS radar stations. Therefore, we request that you contact the FAA through your regional Air Traffic Control office to inquire about location-specific coverage.  The Aircraft Owner’s and Pilots Association (AOPA) also provides a news release and a detailed information page.

Should I still purchase a Mode S transponder?
Since the vast majority of TIS areas are not scheduled for decommissioning at this time, TIS-capable Mode S transponders still offer a valuable, low-cost safety service.  If you fly through over 100 areas that continue to offer TIS, a Mode S transponder will increase your traffic awareness in busy terminal areas.

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