Let Your Cirrus Soar

Cirrus Upgrades

Upgrade to a Garmin Glass Cockpit

Your Cirrus SR20/22 will always be one of the sleekest birds in the sky. With our fully-certified glass retrofit solutions, you can further enhance the beauty, value, functionality and safety of your Cirrus.

Combining Garmin’s G500 electronic flight display with the new GTN 650/750 series of avionics, our upgrade packages provide an integrated solution that brings new functionality to your Cirrus, intuitive touchscreen data entry, simplified flight planning and so much more.

Dual GTN 650 Avionics

Adding touchscreen avionics to your cockpit puts a wealth of flight data at your fingertips. Easily manage COMM frequencies on one device while simultaneously viewing high-resolution terrain graphics, Garmin SafeTaxi®, or optional traffic, or XM WX Satellite Weather® on the second system.

GTN 650

G500 Flight Display with Dual GTN 650 Avionics

View optional Garmin SVT (Synthetic Vision Technology) on your G500’s primary flight display while simultaneously viewing a moving map, charts and more on its multifunctional display. The GTN 650 allows for touchscreen data entry and radio tuning, as well as remote transponder control (provided by the GTX 33 remote transponder).

GTN 650

G500 Flight Display with Dual GTN 750 Avionics

For the ultimate upgrade, couple the G500 with dual GTN 750s. This configuration provides you with one-glance viewing of the most flight data possible. Having more glass in the cockpit allows the most customization of information displayed at any given time. While flying through some rough weather in busy skies, having three big MFDs will allow you to simultaneously view weather, traffic and moving map pages.

GTN 750

GMA 350 and GMA 35 Audio Options

The GMA 350 audio panel (pictured with each installation) offers advanced audio processing capabilities like Telligence Voice Command, which can help reduce pilot workload. It also features 3-D Audio, which makes different audio sources appear to come from different directions around you so they’re easier to focus on. Listen to a demo to try it for yourself. If you’d prefer to save some panel space, any installation with GTN 750 also allows you to use the GMA 35 remote audio processor.