Premium Navigation Features

Easy to Use

Easy to use See How Easy It Is

Ready to go out of the box. Just tap “Where to” and you’re on your way.

Points of Interest (POIs)

Points of interest

POIs are restaurants, fuel stations, hotels, ATMs or any place you would want to go. Our navigators are preloaded with nearly 6 million of them right out of the box.

Clearly Spoken Directions

Clearly spoken directions How does nüvi speak to you?

Our navigators provide clear, concise spoken turn-by-turn directions. Most models even speak the street names.

Lane Assist

Lane assist What does Lane Assist do for you?

Arrows indicate the proper exit lane for complicated highway interchanges so you’ll know in plenty of time which lane to be in for the next turn.

Not available for all interchanges/intersections in all areas.

Junction View

Junction view What does junction view do for you?

Realistically displays 3-D road signs and junctions on your route so you know exactly which lane to be in and which exit to take.

Not available for all interchanges/intersections in all areas.

nüRoute™ Technology

nüRoute technology Learn How nüvi Enhances Your Driving

Enhance your everday driving with the following features:

trafficTrends™ — Learns historical traffic flow, average street speeds per hour and suggests the best routes to take.

myTrends™ — Predictive routing that uses your “Favorites” list to figure out your destinations without your input. Provides time of arrival and relevant drive-time information.

Traffic Services

Subscription-free traffic alerts for your nüvi See How Traffic Alerts Work

Models that include “T” or “LT” include free lifetime traffic services. Traffic services alert you when there are delays on your route so you can avoid them. No setup or additional fees required.


ecoRoute How does nüvi make your car more fuel-efficient?

Calculate a more fuel-efficient route and track fuel usage with ecoRoute¹. It even can help you become a more fuel-efficient driver by showing you when you’re driving efficiently and when you’re not.

¹Compatible models prior to 2012 include ecoRoute with an optional HD upgrade for a fee. All compatible current devices require customers to activate ecoRoute; an HD upgrade also is available.

Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

Bluetooth wireless technology Why do I want a nüvi with Bluetooth?

Devices compatible with A2DP stereo Bluetooth (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) allow you to pair phones and headsets to hear music, voice prompts and make hands-free calls.

Voice-activated Navigation

Voice-activated navigation How do you talk to your nüvi?

Name your nüvi and it will respond to its name and your spoken directions. Look up a restaurant location or an address while keeping both hands on the wheel.

Enhanced Pedestrian Navigation

Enhanced pedestrian navigation

Park your car and nüvi will guide you as you walk around. Walk to shops and restaurants, and when you’re finished, nüvi will guide you right back to where you parked your car.

Language and Voice Options

Enhanced pedestrian navigation

Select from a variety of preloaded display languages, spoken navigation languages and spoken street name languages to maximize your navigation experience. You can also customize your navigator by purchasing an optional special voice package from the Garmin Garage™, or make your experience truly one-of-a-kind by creating voice directions from family and friends with Garmin Voice Studio™.